Tiered link building is one of the most effective methods of link building at the moment.

Tier 1 backlinks are to create single-level backlinks that link directly to your website/URL page. Having only Tier 1 backlinks is less effective and mainly used to increase the percentage of do-follow links and also boost ranking with custom link building along with 2 Tier & 3 Tier backlinks.

Tier 2 links provide the best link building to boost less and medium competitive keywords and are very effective in ranking. The main goal for 2 Tier backlinks is to increase the amount of link juice passed from your backlink profile to your main website.

Tier 3 links provide more power and more juice to your link building. The way it works is you have a Tier 1 backlink pointing to your main website, then a few Tier 2 backlinks pointing to a Tier 1 backlink, and then a few Tier 3 backlinks pointing to each Tier 2 backlink.

Most of our customers buy Tier 3 backlink packages which is also most prefered by SEO agencies and are very effective in ranking keywords.

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