Refunds are provided depending on the service packages and plan purchased. As standard, all package comes with a limited refund with terms and conditions. 

Packages or services once purchased are non-refundable. However, under some circumstances, we offer full and partial refunds.


Terms and conditions for refunds:


  • A full refund will be issued if the service is not delivered. Should there be any delay in the completion of your order, the delivery date will be adjusted accordingly, and under these circumstances, refunds will not be granted.

  • In instances where delays occur due to unforeseen reasons, such as challenges in indexing submissions across multiple third-party sites, we kindly ask for your patience and request an additional waiting period of 4 days beyond the originally estimated delivery date. Should the service remain undelivered beyond this extension, a full refund will be provided.

  • Cancellations initiated by the customer will not qualify for a refund if work on the order has already commenced or been completed. If no work has been started, a full refund will be issued.

  • Customers are entitled to a full refund if an incorrect order is placed and a cancellation request is made immediately after purchase or before the commencement of the service.

  • Refunds will not be issued once the service has been completed and the final report has been delivered to the customer, regardless of the circumstances.

  • Refunds will be processed using the original payment method used at the time of purchase.

  • The timeframe for processing refunds ranges from 4 to 10 working days, depending on the payment method originally used.

  • To request a refund, please visit the following page and submit your request:

For refunds kindly email us at [email protected]

Need help?

Contact us at [email protected] for questions related to refunds.

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